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Ghost Games explains why Need For Speed Always is always online

Remember back in the day (2013, to be precise), when a next-gen racer not only looked trouser-stirringly good, but stood as a genuine step forward in connectivity? Both Forza 5 and a certain first-party racer on PS4 had their always online functionality touted like it was a wave of the future, but such a boon was soon lost amid negative reactions from gamers.

For Ghost Games, the developer behind the reboot of the Need for Speed series, taking the rejuvinated racing sim online was a key part of its vision for the game (as was the need to stop all those confusing offshoots). In the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine, executive producer Marcus Nilsson explains the key to making it work is making it reactive to the player. "We’ve been pretty big with Autolog throughout the years and, as we know, it’s a really powerful feature," says Nilsson. "This time around we’re going to give it more of a human voice. It will treat your friend’s play as if it is part of the narrative experience."

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