Get drunk on Mass Effect

How do you convince a room full of journos that your games are awesome? Well, you could put in the effort and make damn fine games that even the Pope would like- or you can ply them with booze.

Here, EA does go the extra mile, creating themed cocktails forthe headliner games shown at last night%26rsquo;s press event. A few of the games didn%26rsquo;t get their own drinks (and they misspelled Battlefield Heroes), but we always appreciate novelty and so- in lieu of actually making these drinks for our beloved readers and thereby contributing to the corruption of countless minors- we share the recipes here in hopes that you readers will get as much of a kick out of them as we did:

Be sure to check out all our hands-on previews from the EA event right here on this very site. And do give that GamesRadar cocktail a shot. You won't be sorry you did.

May 13, 2008