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Get a look at Terminator Salvation toy figures

Some early images of Terminator Salvation merchandise have arrived on the web.

We’ve got to admit that while we’re still excited about the film, these first merchandise pics leave us a little cold.

They manage to make all the humans (well, save for Common’s character) a little too alike.

Spoiler Alert!

And – spoiler alert for anyone trying to stay 100% pure on the flick and who hasn’t figured it out from the recent trailer – it reveals Marcus (Sam Worthington)’s character’s true, cyborgy-nature.

As our friends at Slashfilm point out, out the technological side to the character should soon be revealed, so it won’t be such a huge plot point. But really… Shouldn’t the toys keep a little more mystery?

See the pics in our gallery at the top of the page. And next week, enjoy the brand new 'Bruce Willis Is A Ghost' figures just in time for the Sixth Sense 10th Anniversary.

[Source: Slashfilm ]