Get a gold PS4 controller for $38 with this Newegg flash deal

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Want your next DualShock 4 controller to look expensive but not make a big dent in your bank account? A new limited-time deal will give you the most opulent of input devices for less: check out this deal on a gold DualShock 4 for $37.99 on Newegg Flash, 42% off the standard price of $64.99. Newegg Flash only hosts limited time deals, and you have less than a week to capitalize on this one, assuming it doesn't sell out before then.

The Gold DualShock 4 has a satiny, metallic gold finish on the front and a classy champagne-colored matte rear plate. This is one of the newer models that features a little lightbar window on the touchpad, which means it also has improved battery life. If you're looking to score a PS4 controller cheap, you'll have to look pretty hard to find a better deal than this. Even if you don't have a PS4, they make great controllers for playing PC games over Bluetooth or USB connections.

Gold DualShock 4 controller for PS4 | $37.99 (save $27) at NeweggFlash

Gold DualShock 4 controller for PS4 | $37.99 (save $27) at NeweggFlash
If you've ever wanted to feel a little fancier when you go to play PS4, this is the controller for you - and for this price, it only looks expensive.

With all the money you're saving on controllers (you thrifty shopper, you), it couldn't hurt to check out the best PS4 bundles we've found. Or if $27 bucks was the only thing between you and a sweet new screen, hey - there's always the best gaming TVs too.

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