GameGround aims to be the Facebook for gamers

Ever since the advent of social networking, specialized social services have popped up all across the web. Of the many competitors looking to make a dent in the Facebook-dominated market, few have, though GameGround may actually stand a chance. The company has just received $5.3 million in funding from some of the biggest investors in the industry, which almost doubles its total funding to date.

The gaming-centric social networking service first opened its doors a couple years ago, and has gained some notoriety for its success in integrating players among multiple platforms.

The goal of the site is to connect players, share their achievements, and discover gaming's best of the best. Unlike existing Facebook integration services, which can automatically post 360 Achievements and PS3 Trophies, GameGround aims to tell your complete gaming story.

"It%26rsquo;s not enough to know that a football game was played in Miami last week. You want to know who the quarterback was, how he did, and all of the other details," said co-founder Itzik Ben-Bassat.

In addition to letting everyone know every game detail of your life, GameGround is itself a game. You earn experience points based on how active you are on the site, allowing you to gain levels, compete in challenges, and earn rewards.

No one's going to overthrow Facebook, at least not any time soon, but if someone can create something interesting enough that Facebook users are willing to try it out as a secondary service, that should be considered a success. Ben-Bassat may be on his way.

[Source: Venture Beat]

Nov 18, 2010