Fresh CivCity: Rome screens

2K Games' CivCity: Rome is a city building sim inspired by the Sid Meier's Civilization games, and we've got some tasty new screenshots of the fast-approachingPC title.

Developed by Firefly Studios in conjunction with Firaxis, CivCity gives gamers the challenge of recreating the glory of ancient Rome by slowly developing a small settlement to rival the glory of the height of the Roman Empire.

The game combines a sophisticated city builder with gameplay features found in Civilization, such as maintaining the condition of the citizens by ensuring they're properly fed and entertained. Basic needs like these must be catered for via a series of missions before any grand designs can be carried out. There're more than 70 different technologies that you can encourage and develop over time, each one capable of improving the quality of life and providing a strategic advantage over neighboring towns.

In order to shape the look of the city, monuments can be erected to become focal points for the community, while hospitals and schools will enable the citizens to be educated and look after themselves. As the city develops and requires less management, gamers will have the chance to explore the city and learn more about how the Romans lived, with gladiatorial contests to enjoy, religious ceremonies to witness and arguments in the senate to spy on.

Political subterfuge and bloodsport, together at last?We're ready for CivCity 's release in June. Click on the images tab above and check out 10 new visions of the past.

April 28, 2006