Final Fantasy XII's Vaan to compete in Dissidia sequel

Final Fantasy fans across the globe couldn't help but drool when Dissidia Final Fantasy, which allowed them to compete in brawls with all of their favorite Final Fantasy characters, hit the PSP.

That is, with one notable exception. Final Fantasy XII's budding hero, Vaan, wasn't quite ready for his close-up when Dissidia came out. That will change for the sequel, Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy.

So we know that the sequel will have one of Square Enix's impressive-sounding big words in the title, but aside from that,there isn'tmuch information about the gameplay, or how it will or won't be different from the first game.

We do know, however, that Kain (FFIV), Tifa (FFVII), and Lightning (FFXIII) will all get their battle face on for the next set of fanboy-targeted brawls.

There's no idea when this game may be coming out, but it's one of thefew upcoming PSP games actually worth looking forward to at the moment.

Nov 10, 2010