Final Fantasy 14 director roped into Eorzea D&D session, stays for eight hours

Final Fantasy 14 D&D session
(Image credit: NGC)

Final Fantasy 14 director and producer Naoki Yoshida was brought in to play a special homebrew Dungeons and Dragons session set in Eorzea, and ended up staying - quite enthusiastically - until nearly 4am.

The session was hosted by NGC, a Japanese streaming studio that typically plays games like Elden Ring on Twitch. On May 30, NGC hosted a Final Fantasy 14 tabletop RPG for four players, including Yoshi-P and Alphinaud voice actor Shinnosuke Tachibana. The stream is all in Japanese and eight hours long, but thankfully a fan who goes by Kageyama Satsuki translated some of the highlights on Twitter.

Yoshi-P took the role of Cellica Flame, who Satsuki describes as a "gil-obsessed lady lalafell black mage adventurer." The adventure began as the group escorted a chocobo carriage toward Ul'dah. A young adventurer chased by marmots and an adamantoise begged them for help, to which Yoshi-P's character responded "How much gil you got?"

It's no surprise to see Yoshida in the role of black mage - it's his favorite class, after all - but this greedy streak is a new one.

Tachibana's character, an Au Ra warrior named Hirvana Torachivana, might be an even more familiar stereotype to tabletop RPG fans - he kept suggesting "Just kill em all." Yes, that's the voice of Alphinaud becoming a murderhobo in another vision of Eorzea.

"The players were so happy and eager to learn more of the little storyline," Satsuki explained at the end of the stream, "and just all excitedly talking about the game, despite it being 3:30am. A feeling I'm sure many TTRPG players find familiar. How wonderful!"

Yoshida has teased that Final Fantasy 14 may end up getting jobs that are brand new to the franchise.

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