Field Commander emerges

Tuesday 6 June 2006
Nintendo's Advance Wars has proved that there's a place for RTS handheld gaming. So much so that Sony is planning its own assault on the market on 21 July with Field Commander for PSP and we've got the latest shots.

Taking the role of field commander of the ATLAS forces, an allied army formed to defend the world, gamers must use their tactical skill to defeat the Shadow Nation, an evil terrorist organisation that's bent on global domination.

The single-player game consists of 30 missions designed to test your ability to command 15 different types of army division, which allows you to engage the enemy on land, at sea and in the air. Part of the preparation is selecting the right sort of leaders under your command with 11 commanders to choose from.

Sony is hoping Field Commander will take off as a multiplayer and has included four different types of match-up: four-player hot-swap, local network, internet and transmission (play-by-email) modes. Then there's the less competitive online option of designing your own missions and uploading them to be shared by the Field Commander community.

The game is realised with fully 3D environments that take you to the heart of the action and the simple command system will allow anyone to immediately get to grips with this RTS.