Feardotcom review

"Do you like to watch?" asks the husky-voiced temptress on the feardotcom.com website. Click "yes" and you'll see The Doctor (Stephen Rea) carving up bare-breasted beauties for his internet subscribers. You'll also cark it within 48 hours as your eyeballs start gushing blood. That'll teach you to surf for porn sites.

Kicking off like some Europudding throwback to the heyday of '70s exploitation, this ought to have been directed by an Italian stallion like Lucio Fulci or Umberto Lenzi. Instead, US-based director William Malone (House On Haunted Hill) tries to rework the trashy script in an attempt to make a decent movie. Definitely a bad move since all he's got to play with is Stephen Dorff's crusading cop, a feeble ghost, a crappy snuff website and several corpses.

Shamelessly ripping off the surreal footage from the cursed videotape in The Ring, Feardotcom bolsters the silly scares with gratuitous bondage-gear torture scenes and more succulent breasts than your local KFC. Awful but strangely endearing.


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