Fable 2 - first look

"Fable 2 will be a landmark game... We have the most beautiful environments... 10 to 20 times larger than the original's... Huge weapons... A spectacular magic system... It will make you feel things you've never felt before in a videogame."

Peter Molyneux is at it again. The last time he hyped a game this much, we all got pretty excited...only to be pretty disappointed when the final product didn't blow our minds. The original Fable is a perfectly good action-RPG, no mistake, but it's not the genre busting, ground breaking experience we were promised.

Luckily, Molyneux knows this. He says he's aware of all the criticisms leveled at his previous game and has made it his mission to correct them. Need proof? The first Fable was supposed to be filled with so much expansive detail that you could plant an acorn literally anywhere in the world and watch a tree grow in that spot. When this option didn't materialize, fans turned it into a symbol of their dissatisfaction. In Fable 2, not only can you plant a tree anywhere, you can plant one right in the menu screen.

So he can listen, but can he still innovate? Molyneux claims that innovation is the only reason he founded his studio Lionhead and the only reason to make this sequel. What, then, is he promising this time around?


Charlie Barratt
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