EXCLUSIVE! Peter Davison talks Matt Smith

Until Matt Smith was announced as the Eleventh Doctor last month, Fifth Doctor Peter Davison was the youngest man to take the TARDIS helm. We spoke to him about Smith's casting:

What was your reaction when you heard about Matt Smith being cast?
Did you think they’d go for someone more well known? Or someone older?

I only ever had one thought on my wish list – get an actor. With that in
mind he seems a perfect choice. However, I hope they don't get too dogged
about never casting older in the future.

When he takes over, he’ll take your crown as the youngest ever Doctor.
Will you be sad to see that go?

Not really. It's hardly an achievement in itself, is it?

How did you approach playing someone so old when you were so young?
Young or old the Doctor is young at (two) heart(s). This probably makes it
harder to play if you're older.

How can Matt expect his life to change when he becomes the Doctor?
Only about totally.

How excited should he be about taking on the role?
I should think he's quite excited enough, without my encouragement.

Can you see yourself ever going back to Doctor Who again, as you did for “Time Crash”?
I can certainly see myself, but I don't think it will happen.

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