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Evil Genius Cheats

Evil Genius Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Chaotic_Titan

    Evil Genius Demo Cheats

    While playing press 'Ctrl + Alt + Shift + D' then let go of those buttons then press ~ before entering the following CASE SENSITIVE codes below:

    Help - Display help
    Help - Display help for a specific command
    ShowCommands - List commands
    DF_BuildInstantObjects - Instant construction
    DF_FullyTrainedHenchmen - Fully trained henchmen on startup
    CutScenes_Enable - Enable cut scenes
    Give - Give object
    GiveAll - Get everything
    Money - Get indicated amount of money
    RemoveMoney - Less money for you
    SetMaxPopulation - Set minion population
    TakeAll - Take away everything
    SuperAgentSetDefeatable - Sets the Defeatable status of the current super agent
    UnlockGlossary - Unlock the glossary

  • PC | Submitted by DaPiranha

    Various Cheats

    To switch on cheat mode, type in "HUMANZEE" whilst in game. A graphic should appear to show it worked. You can then use the following cheats:

    Ctrl + S: Set off explosion / airstirke
    Ctrl + C: Add $100,000
    Ctrl + A: Army of Darkness (one of every henchman and minion)
    Ctrl + O: Give all items
    Ctrl + M/N: Turn on/off Global Chaos
    CTRL + T: Gives all traps