Everyone's a brutal murderer in new IDW title Kill More

Kill More #1 cover art by Max Alan Fuchs
(Image credit: IDW Publishing)

What if there was a world full of super-powered villains, but no superheroes to stop them? That's part of the premise of Kill More, a new 10-issue limited series from IDW Publishing, which takes place in a setting full of evil, maniacal killers with supervillain-like nicknames and personas, but only regular old homicide cops to find and catch them.

Kill More is written by Scott Bryan Wilson, with art from Max Alan Fuchs and colorist Valentina Briški. It follows a pair of detectives named Aaron Aira and Mwanawa Parker who must work alone to stop brutal killers.

(Image credit: IDW Publishing)

"Set in the futuristic yet almost completely broken city of Colonia, Kill More reveals the astonishingly unique killers who stalk its abandoned streets and reads like a who’s who of supervillains from a newly imagined universe: Lady Facesmasher, The Sufferer, Talking Head, and The Obituary Machine, to name just a few," reads IDW's official description. 

"When Aaron Aira, one of the city’s last homicide cops standing, decides to stay the course and tackle the violent surge head-on, he finds an unlikely partner in Mwanawa Parker, a beleaguered missing persons detective who’s desperate to give the families on her open cases list some measure of peace," it continues. "Together, they have to connect dots alone and save lives using only their wits and willpower."

Along with the main story, each issue of Kill More will include backmatter that fills out the world of Colonia and its strange villains

(Image credit: IDW Publishing)

"I wrote Kill More because it’s the comic I most wanted to read, combining my love of police procedurals, theatrical dialogue, layered plotting . . . and unhinged mayhem," Wilson says in the announcement. "Kill More is eight years in the making! It starts wild, and gets wilder. The intensity is propulsive, like a rocket, as new killers continue to pop up, create chaos, and elude the two detectives with the Sisyphean task of finding them all."

Kill More #1 goes on sale September 13 with a cover from series artist Max Alan Fuchs, and a variant cover from Goran Sudžuka, who will create variant covers for all ten issues of the series.

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