Epic games that end on a whimper

Metroid Prime

Admittedly, it must be pretty hard to round of a game's story in interesting, epic fashion when you're working with a narrative that's told almost entirely through journal messages. Still, after braving a hostile alien environment with Samus for 20+ hours, we'd hoped for something a bit more substantial than a big-ass explosion, followed by a quick flight getting the hell out of dodge. Yeah, yeah, so seeing Aran without her helmet is a nice touch. But you're only treated to this is you spend countless hours finishing the game with 100% completion rating. Apparently, paying 50 big ones isn't enough to see a Gamecube-rendered chick's blocky face.

God of War III

In the end there will be only a really disappointing final boss and cut scene. Don't get us wrong, we dig the whole trippy nightmare section near the end (even though it essentially just plays like Max Payne in a blood-stained toga). But after the incredible spectacle of the Poseidon and Cronos fights, the climactic encounter with Zeus is seriously underwhelming. Couple that with an ending that decides to tie up all the game's narrative threads by having Kratos introduce his abdomen to a giant sword, and you're left with an amazing game, slighlty soured by an underwhelming sign off.

Halo 2

Master Chief, you dirty, f*cking tease.

May 24, 2010