Eli Roth is too old for Lindsay Lohan!

According to Eli Roth's hilarious blog , the 35-year-old director was rejected this week by alleged sex-addict Lindsay Lohan, for being too old.

As Roth puts it: "I was having drinks with a friend at the Beverly Hills Hotel the other night, and Lindsay Lohan walked by our booth with a girlfriend, checking us out. She then went out to the bathroom, turned around, came back and walked by us again, and mumbled to her friend "too old," and kept walking.

Now - she's absolutely correct - but it was still pretty fucking hilarious. Especially since we were in the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel - where the average age is 97. If you look too old in there you're fucked! Time to hit the Botox!"

All we can is this; brilliant.