Dragon Age Legends bringing the fight to Facebook

EA is bringing the Free Marches to Facebook with 'Dragon Age Legends,' a free-to-play browser game based on BioWare's epic RPG.The game will reward ardent online gamers with exclusive loot for Dragon Age II.

Focusing on combat tactics and co-operative gameplay, Dragon Age Legends takes the action to the city of Kaiten, where gamers and their friends will take up arms against the demonically-possessed Viscount Khedra who, as theofficial story goes, has become quite the fan of gladiator death matches.

Above: Grog the Impaler is suffering from a crippling headache

The game will make use of Facebook's social networking features to allow friends to divvy up rewards and work together toward upgrading individual characters and kingdoms. It will also give franchise fans a chance to unlock exclusive Dragon Age II content as well as get a sneak peek of the game's new Free Marches setting.

Speakingon EA's online strategy, Mark Spenner, general manager of EA 2D said, "We are privileged to be working with BioWare to bring the Dragon Age universe to the hundreds of millions of gamers on Facebook... Dragon Age Legends will deliver a deep, sophisticated experience, and we will continue to delight gamers by adding new features and content far into the future."

Dragon Age Legends invades Facebook next fall.

Nov 3, 2010

[Source:The Bitbag]

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