Doctor Who is BBC iPlayers Biggest Hit

The Doctor Who Christmas special, "Voyage of the Damned" adds another achievement to its list of successes by being the most downloaded show from the show from the Beeb’s new iPlayer service.

Over 3.5 million programmes were streamed or downloaded from the site between its launch on 25 December 2007 to 7 January 2008. Not bad at all considering the BBC’s original target was for 500,000 users between its launch and the end of April.

While the BBC hasn’t released individual figures for each show, a press release reveals that the top 10 shows account for over a quarter of the total downloads (875,000), so the least Doctor Who could have got is 87,500 downloads.

Here’s the top 10 in full:

1. Doctor Who Christmas Special
2. Extras Christmas Special
3. Top Gear (23 December)
4. The Catherine Tate Christmas Show
5. EastEnders (25 December)
6. EastEnders (1 January)
7. Sense And Sensibility (1 January)
8. Robin Hood
9. EastEnders (31 December)
10. The Best Of Top Gear (1 January)

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