Discord is getting rid of Nitro's selection of subscription games

(Image credit: Discord)

Discord has decided to stop supplying Discord Nitro subscribers with a catalog of free games, the company announced in a blog post. Apparently, there weren't a whole lot of Nitro-subscribers actually playing the games, so when it was time to renew the games' contracts, Discord figured it was better to just let the contracts expire and cancel the service. Thus, Nitro subscribers will lose access to the selection of subscription games on October 15.

"We learned a lot from all of you over the last year. Through your valuable feedback, it became clear that while we and some of you love these games, the truth is the vast majority of Nitro subscribers didn’t play them. So, after careful consideration, we won’t be hitting Continue when these contracts come up for renewal," the blog reads.

Nitro is a paid subscription service that adds additional benefits for Discord users, like high performance streaming and an upgraded upload limit for $10 monthly or $100 yearly. There's also Nitro Classic, which features the same benefits without the Server Boost perk, and that costs $5 a month or $50 yearly. Discord says removing the games from the service will afford them the "resources to refocus."

To clarify, Nitro-subscribers will still have access to the games until October 15, and any games purchased via Discord or Nitro Game Perks will continue to work as usual. As for the games you're accessing via your Nitro subscription, you have a little over a month to play them until they expire.

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