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Destiny has two new live-action commercials, but the Japanese one is way better

Destiny: The Taken King may be an expansion, but it's getting the pre-launch marketing blitz of a new game - including two live-action commercials. One of them follows the same trash-talkin' fireteam from last year's "Become Legend" trailer, and the other stars a somewhat unstable Destiny cosplayer who accosts his friends in a Japanese laundromat.

They're both fine summations of the Destiny experience in their own way - one showing the action-packed camaraderie of battling The Darkness with friends, the other demonstrating what you sound like to people who don't play Destiny when you're talking about Xur had in stock last weekend.

In terms of the actual game experience, the English language trailer may be more relevant (though I'm sure you shouldn't try to fight Oryx, a Raid boss, with a three-person fireteam), but tone-wise, I've gotta give it to the Japanese trailer. There's just something about a sincere, sweaty man hollering into a washing machine.

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Connor Sheridan
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