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Destiny: The Taken King's Dreadnaught Patrol zone is a secret space dungeon

Diehards will tell you that Raids - joining in with five other players to match your preparation, skill, and ingenuity against massive challenges - are the best part of Destiny (opens in new tab). I respect the sentiment, but I'm still partial to roaming around on my Sparrow and joining in with random strangers for public events; that's why this video teaser for tomorrow's Destiny stream has me so excited.

The third and final Destiny: The Taken King pre-launch stream (opens in new tab) will explore the echoing chambers and hidden catacombs of The Dreadnaught (opens in new tab), Oryx's massive capital ship. Destiny's changed a lot in its first year, but since neither of the two previous expansions added new places to Patrol, that (significant) part of the game has remained comparatively static. I can't wait to see how everything Bungie's learned since launch is reflected in The Dreadnaught once The Taken King arrives on September 15.

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