Destiny player brings down Oryx, The Taken King, all by their lonesome

It's Guardian vs space-god in this Destiny (opens in new tab) video, where player "TheGrreatGatsby" takes on (and defeats!) the game's current final raid boss, Oryx. Of course, beating Oryx isn't as impressive now as it was at The Taken King's launch, but that's where Gatsby takes it up a notch.

Instead of bringing in five other Guardians as you would typically do for a raid, Gatsby fights Oryx all by their lonesome, utilizing a series of strategies to manipulate the AI and environment and eventually emerge victorious. It's not cheesing (opens in new tab) in the way that players tricked Atheon into plummeting to his death or killing Crota by way of a disconnected LAN cable, though; Gatsby still has to deal with adds properly and only survives orb blasts thanks to the Sunsinger Warlock's self-resurrecting Radiance ability.

Check out the fight below, and to learn more about each of the (many, many) steps involved in getting to this point, read up (opens in new tab) on Gatsby's Reddit post.

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Sam Prell

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