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Try out Destiny's Super-powered Mayhem Clash Crucible mode for free

Whipping out a Golden Gun or smashing down with a perfect Fist of Havoc can totally change the course of a Crucible match in Destiny… so what if, like, your Super charged way faster? You can find out the tantalizing answer to that question right now, because Bungie has enabled Mayhem Clash mode for all players.

It's pretty simple: Mayhem Clash is like a regular Clash (Destiny's fanciful name for 6v6 team deathmatch) but with a ton more Supers. It's about as chaotic as you'd expect, but even if you just get blown up by Nova Bomb after Nova Bomb, at least you'll appreciate the carefully calibrated cadence of standard Clash matches a bit more after trying Mayhem.

The new mode is available as part of The Taken King's week-long Crucible preview. After September 14, you'll have to buy the latest expansion to keep playing Mayhem Clash (complete with new sub-class Super abilities) and the slam-dunk-the-flag Rift mode.

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Connor Sheridan
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