Destiny 2: Forsaken – All the new supers and weapons


The wait is over. We finally know what new Supers are in Destiny 2: Forsaken. As the game is now released, three new abilities embrace every Guardian type and a heap of quality-of-life adjustments to weapons and our inventory. 

Even the most dedicated Guardian may struggle to keep up with all the changes. But luckily for you, though, we've put together this quick guide to talk you through each of the special abilities of a Hunter, Titan, or Warlock near you...

Hunter class 

Nightstalker's Spectral Blades turns you invisible to help you sneak around the map and jump out on unsuspecting prey with your twin void blades. The Gunslinger's Blade Barrage lets you throw tracking explosive knives that, like the Warlock's current Nova Bomb, locks onto targets and doggedly pursues them. It's up to you to choose from one huge, instakill knife attack, or a bigger collection of tiny ones to help disperse crowds. 

And finally, Arcstrider gets Whirling Guard which defensively reflects back projectiles – yes, this includes bullets – to attack your enemies. Successfully reflect shots and you'll find your Arcstaff gets three times stronger... meaning it's even more devastating in the Crucible!

Titan class

The Titan's Sentinel Banner Shield creates a wall of light that blocks damage, too. Does this mean its impenetrable? Nope. Bullets and projectiles can still get through. But keep up your guard, and those enemy shots will prolong the shield's duration. Sounds like it'll come in handy during raids and boss fights, right? 

For Titan Sunbreaker there's Siege Hammer, which brings a touch of Thor as you can spin around a huge fiery hammer to send out flame tornadoes, or smash it into the ground and knock your enemies cold. Finally, for Strikers, there's Thundercrash, which turns you into a controllable human (or Exo or Awoken, of course) cannonball, sending your Guardian hurtling across the map, devastating anything unlucky enough to be in front of you. 

Warlock class

Voidwalkers are already smashing things up with the Nova Bomb, but in Forsaken you'll also snag the Nova Warp, a new teleportation ability that lets you flit around the map avoiding damage. At the end, you can detonate an explosive charge and the longer you hold down the button, the more devastating the explosion. 

Stormcaller, on the other hand, gets Chaos Reach, that gives the Warlock a long-range bolt of arc energy. If you've wiped out everything and there's nothing left to kill, you can cancel it, saving your super energy for your next attack. Finally, Dawnblade gets the mysterious Well of Radiance. Smash your sword into the ground and it'll act like a healing rift, strengthening all allies it touches.

Weapon improvements

Gear in Destiny 2 Forsaken

As for weapons? Rolls (the perks you get on each weapon) will be randomised, so instead of hunting down one specific weapon, you'll have to carefully scrutinise all weapons before you dismantle/infuse to see if it has that oh-so-perfect roll.There's going to be a new equip system, which means we're no longer restricted to keeping snipers and shotties in the Power weapon slot, so you're never far away from your favourite weapon type ever again. 

There's also an overhaul of the mod system, too, so rather than just give an 5-extra power, they'll now ship with different customisable perks. And though Hunters have had fun with bows and arrows for a little while now courtesy of their Nightstalker ability, other Guardians can get in on the act now courtesy of a brand new weapon-type: the energy bow! You can finally infuse any weapon type into your favourite guns now – so no longer do you need to find an Auto Rifle to level up your Ghost Primus, or a Scout for your Nameless Midnight. Yes, it'll cost a little more in materials to mix 'n' match, but it'll be worth it!

Destiny 2: Forsaken is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.