Deathloop update adds a photo mode and more accessibility options

Deathloop colt
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Deathloop's latest update adds a host of new features, including a detailed photo mode. 

As Bethesda announced, Deathloop's third major update is now available for free on both PS5 and PC, adding some much-requested community features to Arkane's time-bending FPS. 

First up is photo mode, which lets you colorfully document your time on the endless party island that is Blackreef. Photo mode features a wide variety of filters, stickers and poses to allow you to capture the perfect shot. The feature is only available in single-player, so you don't have to worry about being gunned down by a player-controlled Julianna while you stop to strike a pose. You'll also be able to swap between Colt and Julianna and change their weapons and outfits. You can see Deathloop's impressive new photo mode in action in the trailer below.

Also included in the update are over 30 added accessibility features and improvements ranging from new gameplay options to menu navigation enhancements. 

The added gameplay options include increasing or decreasing the combat difficulty, adjusting the number of lives available to Colt, and slowing the game's overall speed. Menus have also become a lot more user-friendly; you can now notably navigate through lists using the directional buttons on the controller. You can also customize the HUD and subtitle text for easier readability. 

Finally, PS5 players can now deck out their user profiles with nine character avatars featuring wise-cracking Colt and his eight troublesome targets, the Visionaries. 

Arkane's latest takes a lot of inspiration from western Europe: the Deathloop devs based Blackreef on Edinburgh and the Faroe Islands

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