Dead Rising

If movies and games have taught us nothing else in the last decade, we know one thing for sure: zombies are awesome. Capcom delivers the zombies like no other, so it comes as no surprise that one of Capcom's first titles out of the gate for the 360 is (gasp!) a survival horror zombie game. And why not? After the success of the Resident Evil, we're just begging for it.

All of the things you would typically expect from an undead apocalypse game are baked right into Dead Rising, including animated dismembered corpses, improvised weapons, and screaming victims. But the move to the 360 provides the power to multiply these elements by a hundred--rather than a couple of moaning brain-eaters, we have churning masses of cerebellum-craving daisy-pushers; instead of a handful of weapons, you get a sporting goods store packed with golf clubs, baseball bats, and even cash registers with which to pile on the hurt.