Dead Rising

The zombie apocalypse is coming and we all know it. Thankfully, 360 owners can look forward to a handy survival guide in the form of third-person undead-basher Dead Rising. As you waltz through a mall overrun by shuffling undead, everyday items that would ordinarily go unnoticed become ideal zombie-whompers.

You control Frank, a no nonsense photojournalist who is as meaty as he is irritable. Frank, like most people we know, is kind of a rookie at zombie killin', but he gets better at it with practice. As time passes and Frank abuses the walking dead that bumble across his path, his abilities increase in potency. Vaulting onto the heads of the undead masses in order to scramble to safety is just one of the many skills Frank can pick up over time through Dead Rising's Prestige system.

Dead Rising is packed with little touches of absurdity. The variety of weapons you can use to put the dead back where they belong is staggering and essentially limited mostly by your imagination. Anything you can pick up can be thrown or bashed into somebody (preferably a zombie). Our favorite was the bowling ball that could be hurled to topple a number of undead at the same time and was riotously funny when used on big groups. The guitar also topped our short list of premiere pain-bringers, as each head-cracking collision was accompanied by a satisfying KABONG sound effect. and that's not even mentioning the sword, the golf club, or anything we found in the home improvement store.