Darwinia headed for Xbox Live?

Indie developer Introversion has revealed that it is working on several titles for console platforms, which could see PC hits like Darwinia and Defcon make their way to Xbox Live, PlayStation Network or Wii's Virtual Console. However, the developer might also be working on brand new projects.

"I think you'll be seeing some console titles coming out from Introversion over the next twelve months or so," director Mark Morris told industry website Next-Gen.Biz, adding that since Introversion scooped awards last year for Darwinia, console makers treated the developer "with a lot more respect."

The games will most likely be downloadable, and launched on the chosen platform's online service. "Downloads fit with Introversion very well," Morris explains, because downloadable games "need to be smaller, they need to be unique. All of our games have at least got that," which does add weight to the prediction that Introversion will bring its existing PC games to consoles.

February 20, 2007