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Cult classic Killer7 will arrive on Steam in fall

Back in March Grasshopper Manufacture promised it would remaster its cult classic Killer7, and now its confirmed that the first ever re-release for the game will arrive on Steam in fall. 

Grasshopper Manufacture dropped the date during a panel at Momocon, and told Game Informer the game would get a visual upgrade, and that the "game's simple models and colors scale nicely to modern resolutions." Mouse and keyboard support will also be added. 

If you missed the game the first time around, there's a reason it's so iconic for your more grizzled gaming friends. It mixed a distinctive cel-shaded look with an arthouse noir plot and plenty of gore. 

Goichi "Suda51" Suda, the game's designer and Grasshopper Manufacture founder, is clearly reveling in the fan reaction to the game's return. "I thank all the gamers from all over the world who played Killer7 and the gamers who will play Killer7," he tweeted. "The revival was realized by the power of the Killer7 fan."

You can add the game to your Steam wishlist now.

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Rachel Weber

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