Colin McRae: Dirty new images

Thursday 16 November 2006
These new images from Colin McRae: Dirt, Codemasters' reinvented, next-gen vehicle for the off-road racing maestro, show off the game's lush visuals thanks to a newly developed game engine called Neon.

Dirt is the first game to use the engine, which has been created by Codies' own computer bods. Hit the images tab above for more views.

Colin McRae: Dirt drops the series' tight focus on the World Rally Championship, instead taking in a wider array of off-road events, much like Codemasters' other great driving game, TOCA Race Driver. It'll cover 4WD, 2WD, Classic and RWD (rear wheel drive, acronym fans) races, and will also feature Colin's new bespoke ride - the Citroen R4.

Above: Colin McRae: Dirt conveys an impressive sense of speed - even just in this static shot

The game has been totally redeveloped from Colin's previous digital outing, making this a whole new start - which, in our opinion, is the only way developers should be creating their next-gen instalments. And the Neon engine will mean a whole new level of detail, visual flair and damage modelling possibilities for the series.

Out next year for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, Colin McRae: Dirt has certainly fuelled our excitement engines.

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