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Chrono Cross Cheats

Classic sequel to the equally classic Chrono Trigger, this imaginitive RPG sports a fantastic story, unique battle system and one of the strongest soundtracks of all time.

Chrono Cross FAQs

Chrono Cross Cheats

  • PS1 | Submitted by Freddy Cliver

    Defeat Dario With Ease

    Before you goto fight Dario, go and fight the Black Dragon. During the fight have Fargo steal from him. If you miss run away and start the battle over again. You should get the black plate. Equip it to your best character and give that person a LOT of curing elements. You should absorb all of Dario's techs. This helps alot during the fight.

  • PS1 | Submitted by Zell

    Win at the roulette on Farga's boat

    When you're playing you have to pause the game when the red indicator on the lower-right side of the screen (the winds rose) is between West and south...surely you'll double your points...winning an object very useful for all last weapons!

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    getting ALL 50 something characters

    Once you've beaten the game use new game+ and play through til you get the Chrono Cross again. Next go to Spriggan's home dimesion via the portal in the Hidora Swamp and use the Chrono Cross as soon as you arrive. You will get all your characters back from your previous saved games.q

  • PS1 | Submitted by mat

    Get Moon glass's

    After getting Glenn in Termina, take him and another party member (I used Guile) to hermit't hideaway, there you'll fight Harle. When the battle begins, hit her with every white element you have, "X strike" is nice here, but the point of the matter is to kill her before she use's "Moon Beams", if you do this, you get the Moon Glass's when you defeat her. They half all physical damage. Really helpful!

  • PS1 | Submitted by Jonathon & James

    Best Ending

    After you beat the Time Devourer in all six of his forms, when you fight him the last time when hes ultimate, use the elements listed below in the exact order and use the chrono cross element and you will get the good ending.

  • PS1 | Submitted by Aquamoogle


    You can beat the Crososphynx early in the game if you have a rapid fire controler, some tape or just 2 hours. Equip Serge with the yellow armor and set your settings to memory and attack the crososphynx every turn. All your other characters will die quickly but Serge will never die and he will continue attacking the beast till it dies. This will get you the famed sun glasses which turns any character into a powerhouse!