Chromehounds: Multiplayer hands-on

At Chromehounds' core is an incredible love for seeing things explode, so if you share the infatuation, it is one of the most fun multiplayer experiences you can have. Tromping across the countryside with the rest of your metal-shod squad is uniquely invigorating... even moreso when you crest a hill and spy your first target. The actual fighting feels similar to old-school ship combat, with titanic steel beasts slowly orbiting each other with guns trained on each other trying to deliver that fatal missile salvo.

We got a chance to participate in a few of the game types available, including a capture-the-flag mode, a territory holding mode (where you have to capture and hold the communication towers called COMBAS) and traditional team deathmatch mode. The capture-the-flag mode let Scout Type Hounds really shine due to their penchant for being speedy, and even the COMBAS capture mode showcased the Scout's talents. In deathmatch, however, the dudes with the biggest guns and heaviest armor were kings of the hill, so no matter what type of Hound you build, there's a game type that's perfect for you.

In the hectic environment of Chromehounds, where high-explosives are going off all around you and teammates scream orders, shrill cries of bitter defeat and jubilant exclamations of victory, you can't help but be caught up in the excitement. If you have even a passing interest in giant robot combat, Chromehounds looks like it's shaping up to be a serious contender for your 360 game dollars.

We've got mega-hot video of some of our online battles and an added tribute to Chromehounds producer Justin Lambros and his gargantuan robot of doom for your viewing pleasurehere.