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Child of Light Cheats

Take on the role of Princess Aurora as she fights to bring peace back to her kingdom in Ubisoft's upcoming turn-based RPG.

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Child of Light Unlockables

  • Xbox 360, Xbox One | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Child of Light Achievements

    Child of Light Achievements List

    The Girl and the Firefly (10 points): Meet Igniculus.

    Comedy (10 points): Rubella joins Aurora's party.

    Capilli Catch (10 points): Finn joins Aurora's party.

    Sweet Sister (10 points): Norah joins Aurora's party.

    Bolmus Bond (10 points): Robert joins Aurora's party.

    Kategida Kindred (10 points): Óengus joins Aurora's party.

    Piscean Promise (10 points): Gen joins Aurora's party.

    Tragedy (10 points): Tristis joins Aurora's party.

    Tenth Birthday (10 points): Achieve level 10 with Aurora.

    Perfectionist (15 points): Upgrade a skill to its highest level.

    Master Oculist (10 points): Craft Oculi.

    Through the Looking Glass (10 points): Send Oculi to a friend.

    Scene Stealer (15 points): Execute 3 Surprise Strikes.

    Showstopper (25 points): Interrupt 3 foes at the same time.

    Winged Fury (15 points): Devastate 5 foes.

    General of Light (20 points): Win a battle against 3 dark creatures without losing any HP.

    Guardians of Lemuria (10 points): Win a battle without Aurora.

    Explorer (10 points): Find and open 30 trunks.

    Aurora Borealis (15 points): Collect 5 deposits of Stardust.

    Perfect Sonnet (20 points): Collect all Confessions.

    When Pigs Fly (10 points): Finish the Lemurian Request: Achilles's Odyssey.

    Golden Apple (10 points): Finish the Lemurian Request: Free Trade.

    Grassroots (25 points): Finish 3 Lemurian Requests.

    Secret Achievements

    Starcatcher (10 points):

    Recover the stars.

    Over the Moon (20 points): Recover the moon.

    Sunrise (20 points): Recover the sun.

    Coronation (50 points): Dethrone the Queen of the Night.