Watch the cheesiest moments from Resident Evil Revelations

Ever since the cringeworthy dialogue of the first Resident Evil ("master of unlocking", anyone?), the series has been struggling to deliver a script worth taking seriously. Despite the production values and obvious time spent on the story, Resident Evil Revelations does not manage that feat. It's still utterly, wonderfully ludicrous, as our video montage is about to show you.

Note: There aren't any major spoilers in here as the footage is only taken from the first 3 chapters of this 12-chapter game (to which we awarded a very commendable 8/10). But be warned that it does contain footage from gameplay and cut-scenes.

Our favourite bit? Definitely the plane. And, if you're wondering what on earth is going on with Jessica and her self-described 'sweet ass', make sure you check out our incredulous examination of her even more troubling asset - her sexy leg.

Justin Towell

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