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Check out the exclusive release date trailer for roguelike platformer Neon Abyss

Neon Abyss dropped an exclusive launch date trailer at the Future Games Show, confirming the frantic roguelike action platformer will be debuting July 14 for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. 

The trailer shows off the vibrant world of Neon Abyss and its procedurally generated dungeons, where you're tasked with dispatching the New Gods as a member of the Grim Squad. Neon Abyss is certainly offering a visual treat, with a technicolor neon artstyle full of explosions and funny character designs. The Future Games Show is GamesRadar's flagship digital event during the former E3 week, which debuted exclusive looks at fresh new games and was hosted by Nolan North and Emily Rose, of Uncharted fame. The exclusive Future Games Show trailer confirms Neon Abyss won't just be a Steam title, but will be across all major platforms.

(Image credit: Team17)

Neon Abyss offers more features other than a roguelite run-and-gun gameplay style. First of all, you can have pets, which hatch and evolve along your journey and offer up extra perks and added firepower. Now that's a pet I'd be interested in having. Plus there's unlimited item synergies, where random items drop throughout the levels that give you a chance to stack passive effects in nearly unlimited combinations. That means each run will feel incredibly unique, enticing you to head back and attack the dungeons once more. Oh and, by the way, everytime you die in Neon Abyss, you just get stronger. Watch out, gods.

If you need to take a break from god-slaying, there's also mini-games that include piano performances, dance competitions, meditation challenges, and more. You'll get a chance to wind down from a long day of blowing stuff up, and you'll also earn some extra loot for your troubles. 

If neon baddies and powerful pets have piqued your interest, you can wish list the Neon Abyss steam page (opens in new tab) ahead of its July 14 debut by heading here. You can also play the demo there, as well.

Alyssa Mercante
Alyssa Mercante

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