Celebrate Breath of the Wild with Zelda merch from ThinkGeek and save $10

So you're one of the lucky ones who managed to snag a Nintendo Switch and you've been enjoying your time playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The rest of the world must know your love for Link and his adventures - but how? But… how?

Well, you could always try ThinkGeek's selection of merch, including Zelda hoodies, art, books, mugs, and even bathrobes and underwear. Just plug in the code "SAVERUPEES" at checkout and you'll save $10 off an order of $50 or more.

View deal: $10 off a $50+ order with promo code SAVERUPEES at ThinkGeek

Despite the code being distinctly Zelda-themed, it'll actually work on any full-priced items. So you could "SAVERUPEES" on Harry Potter, Doctor Who, or Star Wars merch just as well as on Zelda collectibles. Whatever you use the code on, you only have until 11:59pm Eastern to do it, so act fast.

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