Celebrate 10 years of My Talking Tom and earn exclusive rewards at Tom's in-game birthday party

My Talking Tom 2
(Image credit: Outfit7)

My Talking Tom is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and you are invited to celebrate alongside the superstar virtual pet. If you log into My Talking Tom 2 at any time through to August 11 you'll have the chance to jump into the festivities for free, earn some exclusive bonuses, and enjoy some all-new activities. 

Let's start with the presents, because everybody knows that they are the best part of any surprise birthday party. To celebrate the festivities, developer Outfit7 is giving every player who takes part in the event 100,000 gold coins to spend in My Talking Tom 2 – you can put that towards everything from furniture and clothing, to food, potions, and more. That's in addition to event tokens that you can earn in the party event, and which let you unlock some exciting rewards, such as a special birthday outfit for Talking Tom. 

Throughout the event, all worlds will be unlocked, even for new players, and everything in the game will be more affordable than ever before. That means there's going to be plenty to see and do, but first you'll want to jump into the main event: helping the other pets to prepare a surprise birthday party for Talking Tom. You'll need to play through five stages, with each offering a unique experience within Talking Tom's cozy house – decorating, baking, gift wrapping, and so much more. 

Completing these activities will earn you special event tokens, but that's not the only way you can get your hands on this unique currency. You can also use the special promo code 'TOM100' to receive an additional 100 event tokens, and that way you'll be able to really enjoy all of the 10th birthday festivities. 

To help you get started, here are five tips and tricks for getting the most out of the special My Talking Tom 2 birthday celebration: 

1. Join the party

Once you log into My Talking Tom 2 you'll find a pop-up which invites you to join the birthday party. Or you can just look for the party hat on the left of the screen in Tom’s backyard, and use that to get the party started. Remember, you can party as many times as you want to until the event ends on August 11.  

2. Enjoy activities

The My Talking Tom 2 birthday party is split into different sections, but you'll want to complete all activities to earn the special event tokens. You can help decorate Tom's birthday cake, carefully using a spatula to paint the cake with icing. You can join Sugar in decorating Talking Tom's house, using scissors to create special decorations out of toilet paper, or help by blowing up some party balloons. And don't forget to help wrap up Tom's presents too, choosing your favorite gift box before dragging those pressies into the box and putting on the lid.

3. Party time

Once you have moved the cake, balloons, and paper decorations into the gift box, your pal Flip will move everything to the backyard, and that's when the real party begins. Once you've sung happy birthday to Talking Tom, help him open up his gifts, and then enjoy the festivities! Rumor has it there will even be fireworks. 

4. Enjoy your gifts

Talking Tom isn't the only one getting presents. As a thank you for helping to set up the surprise party, you'll be rewarded with cake tokens. Once you've completed Tom's Birthday Party you can tap the shop icon in the top-left corner to start spending these tokens on unique rewards such as the Birthday Hat, the Birthday Glasses, and the Birthday Outfit, as well as on a delicious slice of birthday cake.

5. Win extra Cake Tokens

If you want to earn even more cake tokens, don't forget to spin the reward wheel. Every time you spin the wheel during the birthday party event you'll get additional tokens alongside your regular rewards. To do this, you'll either need to tap on the reward wheel icon from the cake token shop screen, or tap on the gift box hanging on two balloons in Tom's front yard. 

Download My Talking Tom 2 for free HERE and join the party!

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