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C&C3 censored for Germany

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars has been toned down for the German audience, Electronic Arts revealed tousthis morning.

To abide with the ultra-strict ratings laws, the Nod suicide bombers,erm, won't actually commit suicide. Instead the bomb-strapped Fanatic unit will apparently drop off his package and then scuttle off to safety, leaving the battlefield clear of limbs and nasty terrorist entrails. But that's ok.

It's not the first time violent videogames have had to be re-tinkered for the region ; '97 "racer" Carmageddon had its pedestrians changed to zombies and Gears of War was cancelled entirely.

C&C3's developers at EA assure us that the German censoring will have no affect on inter-version balancing and that the Fanatic switch is "purely an animation change."

Tiberium Wars is out for PC, suicides and all, on March 26. As for the 360 version, look for our hands-on impressions later this week.

March 13, 2007