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CBS Orders Sci-Fi "Event" Series Extant

After the huge ratings success of Under The Dome (which was swiftly given the green light for a second series ) US network CBS is once again turning to that show’s production company, Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment, in the hop they have a similar hit with a sci-fi series called Extant .

Extant is a very original concept with layers of humanity, mystery and surprise that reveal itself throughout the script,” said Nina Tassler, President of CBS Entertainment. “Our partnership with Amblin for Under The Dome showed that viewers respond to high-quality event programming in the summer. We look forward to building on that with Extant and offering CBS audiences another high-concept, unique event for summer television.”

Although officially no more details have been released, The Wrap reckons it has scooped some more information (though you’d better file it under rumour at the moment): Molly, the space traveler, comes home pregnant with a part human and part alien baby, but she and her husband already have a son, a human-like robot who goes by the name of Ethan. Apparently the script, by upcoming writer Mickey Fisher was causing such a buzz in Hollywood, agencies were falling over themselves to sign him up.

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