Catherine Zeta-Jones performing Death Defying Acts?

Don’t let that headline fool you – CZJ isn’t about to climb inside a water dome and attempt a David Blaine-style feat of endurance. Nor will she take the Derren Brown route and try to survive Russian roulette through the power of will alone. Though we would watch that…

No, Death Defying Acts is in fact a biopic of famous escape artist Harry Houdini – with Guy Pearce playing the man himself at the tippy top of his career in 1926. Zeta-Jones is in negotiations to co-star as an exotic psychic with a dodgy half-Welsh accent who starts a passionate affair with him. Well, except for the half-Welsh accent bit, anyway.

Gillian Armstrong is at the helm with a script by regular Terry Gilliam collaborator Tony Grisoni and Brian Ward. The film will shoot in the UK later this summer.

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