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But I'm A Cheerleader review

On the surface Megan (Natasha Lyonne) is the perfect high-school cheerleader. But her family suspect that she's not all she seems.

There's the fact that she keeps trying to make her parents eat tofu, her reluctance to snog her boyfriend and her Melissa Etheridge posters. Yes, it looks like Megan's a lesbian. So she's packed off to the local homosexual rehabilitation camp, True Directions, where she meets Graham (Clea DuVall).

Director Jamie Babbit's first feature bears many of the hallmarks of camp cinema master John Waters: lurid production design, costumes and familiar subject matter. And, sadly, rather like many of Waters' later films, the picture fails to develop its idea. But Lyonne makes the most of the material and But I'm A Cheerleader is a flawed-but-fun romp.

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