Breath of the Wild is about to give you items just for using the Switch News channel

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild relies a lot more on consumable items than previous games in the series, so if you're running low, you might be wondering where you can turn to for a pick-me-up or three. Well, if you've updated BotW to version 1.3.1, all you need to do is launch the revamped News app from the Switch dashboard.

That's right, the News app finally has a purpose! People will use it! Praise Tingle!

Once you've launched News, you'll see loads of articles about what's going on in the world of Nintendo. Navigate to a channel called "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Tips from the Wild," and you'll not only read some curated hints to use on your journey, but you'll also be able to launch directly into Breath of the Wild and gain a few freebie items for your trouble.

Nintendo hasn't said what items will be gained by accessing the game this way, though it notes that some may not be available depending on your progress and location. Hopefully that means they'll be more than just a few extra sticks. This special channel will launch August 9, so keep an eye out.

Once you've got your new loot, be sure to find every Captured Memory. And if you've already beaten BotW, you may be wondering what's next for Zelda - well, fans have their own suggestions on that front.

Sam Prell

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