Bliss Island breezes in

Monday 8 May 2006
Codemasters has announced that it will be bringing quirky action-puzzler Bliss Island to PC later this month as a try-before-you-buy downloadable game and will follow it up with a PSP version later in the year.

Developed by PomPom - the people behind the excellent PC and Xbox Live Arcade shooter Mutant Storm - Bliss Island focuses on fluffy main character Hoshi the Zwooph and his unique ability to 'expel precision puffs of air at high velocity from his trunk'.

Above: Use Hoshi's puff-action snout to blow the fruit into flowers and gaping mouths for points

Hoshi's amazing blowing skills are used to huff and puff various objects around the screen for bite-sized challenges - such as directing fruit into the mouths of hungry island dwellers - set over 90 levels and five 'very different' game modes.

You can play a Bliss Island demo right now by heading over to thegame's websiteand a quick blast on the three sample stages reveals that while the puff-based dynamic is simple enough to grasp, scoring big is anything but a - ahem - breeze.