BioShock snuff film

BioShock is one scary as hell game. Deformed creatures leap at you from the shadows, rotting corpses line the hallways and disturbing messages cover the walls. Scrawled in blood, of course.

Nothing, however, is as terrifying as an encounter with the boogey man of Rapture, the hulking metallic monster called Big Daddy. You feel him coming before you see or hear him. The ground shakes and the controller rumbles menacingly with every footstep. When you round the corner and find yourself face to face with the beast, your first thought is always, "RUN! RUN! RUN!"

But with enough skill and creativity, a Big Daddy can be toppled... and often rather easily. To prove it, we've compiled our most brutal - and victorious - encounters with the Big Daddies in a montage of massacre below.

If you're good at BioShock, consider this video a tutorial in new strategies. If you suck, consider it a form of catharsis.

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