BioShock - designer interview

In terms of story, the demo felt like an entire game to itself. What's left to come?

McDonagh: We've got loads of really cool characters. Obviously Ken used to be a scriptwriter for Paramount Pictures and a lot of his games have won story awards. It has a cast of wonderful characters. There are several characters who are... I can't really tell you. It's so key to the game that Ken would chop my balls off if I revealed any spoilers! (laughs)

Do you think there's more interest in console-exclusive games as opposed to multi-platform titles?

McDonagh: No, not at all. I think people just want to play good games. I think people are actually platform agnostic generally. I think that as long as developers make absolutely sure that they've made the best game possible for that platform, I don't think it really matters.

With rising development costs, is it in developers' interests to make anything but multi-platform games anymore?

McDonagh: Games cost a lot of money to make and our priority is to sell as many copies as possible. The more copies our game sells, the more confidence our publisher has in us and the more interesting and risky games we can make in the future.

Obviously we need to give as many people as possible access to our game. However, this is an Xbox 360 exclusive and it's coming out on PC. That's the way it is on BioShock.