A bit of an unfortunate place to wind up then, but when a plane crashes into your boat in the middle of the Atlantic, well, your arrival is your survival. As you swim for your life you come across a lighthouse. You haul yourself up onto a mini-island, open the huge door and enter. The huge door slams ominously behind you. An elevator ride later and we're headed to a dock, taking in the astonishing architecture which magnificently soars above us, thousands of leagues under the sea. Its style is a testament to human ingenuity but also human necessity - this submerged metropolis features everything you'd expect for post-modern life: science labs nestle alongside cocktail bars, record stores, fashion shops, medical bays and cinemas. These places lack any sort of human bustle though.

Splicers - Adam-crazed maniacs - roam their halls, carcasses and blood lie everywhere, rooms are trashed and the sea is seeping in. What's left of Rapture now revolves around the harvesting of Adam from the dead. And unfortunately, this most precious of resources can only be collected by little girls. Little girls infected with too many sea slugs, stripping them of their humanity, turning them into unsettling, tiny zombies. Deeply disturbing, they are.

"Where do people draw the line on what they're willing to do to advance an economic goal?" Ken asks. We look on blankly before he thankfully reveals the rhetorical nature of the question. "Think about sweatshops - exploiting innocent people. It's very easy to sit back as a nice comfortable person in the West and say I would never do that, meanwhile I'm wearing my Nike shoes, I'm participating in that situation. Well, what if I was in that situation in a videogame? The Little Sister is an extreme example. The key to this economy is Adam-based. When you have this thing that can modify everyone's body and cure disease it's critical that everyone has it. But the price is that you have to have little girls turn into little monsters. That became an interesting choice. It's always very easy to sit there and judge, but what if you were put on the spot where your life depended upon exploiting these little girls? What would you do?"