Best VPN for Netflix (November 2018), and how to get the best price


Why would you need the best VPN for Netflix? Well, there are a number of reasons, beyond the 'data harvesting' panic that scare-mongering, conspiracy theory-prone Luddites will happily bray at you about from street corners (for better or worse, Netflix gets data on what you watch through your account, not from your IP address). But if you're keen to watch some foreign dramas, or if you're out of your home country on vacation or for work, you may find your favorite comfort food shows are suddenly inaccessible or that you can't access the last few episodes of Atypical, which you were in the middle of bingeing.

Fear not! Despite pressure from studio fat cats there are a number of high end VPNs that will still allow Netflix to serve up content from around the globe, regardless of where on the planet your human husk is currently situated (viva the future and our connected digital consciousnesses). They do so by spoofing an IP that tracks to the country of origin for whatever film or show you want to devour, and the best ones will also ensure consistently high connection speeds and support for multiple devices. Our list breaks down the best of the best and, while we'll focus on breaking down digital barriers for the best Netflix experience, all of the VPNs on this list are also solid all-purpose choices for IP masking.

As for what to watch once you're connected, we've also got you covered with our lists of the best Netflix TV shows and the best movies on Netflix

The best VPN for Netflix 

Best VPN for Netflix


This is currently the best VPN for Netflix

Great speeds 
Supports many devices 
Not the cheapest around 

The best of the bunch, all things considered. ExpressVPN is more than fast enough for HD streaming, works on a wide spread of devices, and supports Netflix in the US, UK, and Canada. Beyond this though, where Express VPN really sings is in its ability to work on ordinarily VPN-unfriendly machines such as smart TVs and games consoles. That very handy indeed given that, let’s face it, most of us would rather watch Netflix on something attached to a big screen, rather than stream it through a humble tablet or even the best gaming laptop.

Express VPN is a bit pricier than other services, but running such a good Netflix VPN solution, with 256-bit encryption, zero logging of traffic or browsing data, and a 30-day money back guarantee, it’s a hard one to begrudge when you look at the overall quality.

The most secure VPN for Netflix 

Best VPN for Netflix


Great performance 
Great server selection
Monthly billing is pricey

The most water-tight VPN around, Nord VPN supports Netflix in the US, France, the Netherlands, India, and Canada. It runs with powerful, 2048-bit encryption, NDS leak protection, and a wide array of servers to choose from. Oh, and if you’re super privacy-eager, you can rest assured that NorPN will not keep any logs of your activity

The cost for all of this? Nothing at first, if you take up the free, three-day trial. NordVPN also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee if you decide to back out shortly after that. You’ll be better off taking up one of the longer-terms plans if you can (and want to), as monthly billing is a tad priier than that of some rivals, but if you’re happy to opt for a year or more, you’ll find exponential savings the longer you take up the service.

The good all-rounder VPN for Netflix 

Best VPN for Netflix


Fast speeds 
Free trial 
Some usage logging 

Really only reliably useful (at the moment) for users outside the US wanting access to American Netflix, VyprVPN says that its service ‘might’ work elsewhere, but you’d be chancing it.

That said, on the flipside, the service is pretty damn fast, with strong download speeds, and multiple protocols supported on the security front, along with a NAT firewall. Your connection times and IP  address will be recorded though, so be aware of that if 100% privacy is vital to you.  Vypr VPN doesn’t offer refunds, but it will give you a free, three-day trial before you commit to anything. If you do decide to get involved longer than that, you’ll be looking at a choice between monthly and annual payment, with the options of Basic and Premium packages. Both of the annual plans are predictably cheaper in the long-term, with the Premium version offering the best value.

The most reliable VPN for Netflix 

Best VPN for Netflix

Strong VPN

Fast performance 
DNS leak protection
Limited payment options 

With, well, strong server coverage and great download speeds, even on long distance tests, Strong VPN’s in-built, multi-format support for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices (and manual set-up guides for others) makes it a pretty formidable offering. You should be good to go on everything from phone to gaming laptop

Similarly formidable is the customer support, offering 24-hour coverage so that you’re clear however late that series binge goes. The only downside is that the pricing plans come in precisely two flavours, and don’t really reward the short-term customer. Paying monthly will cost you nearly double the long-term sign-up, though the year-long plan is pretty well comparable to most other VPNs on test here.

The best VNP for Netflix in HD 

Best VPN for Netflix

Hotspot Shield

Free version available
Fast speeds 
Subscription isn't cheap

Performance is the key selling point for Hotspot Shield, with higher-than-average speeds for both upload and download. There's not a lot of customisation to be had in the experience, nor does Hotspot have a huge number of server locations, but with performance like this, alongside a solid, ‘Everything deleted at the end of your session’ privacy policy, it’s a good proposition.

As for pricing, there’s a limited free plan (with decreased server options and bandwidth), and then multiple pricing options for different lengths of service. The one-year plan is probably the best all-round value, assuming you want to go in foe the relatively long-term but don’t necessarily want to commit to the lifetime lump sum.

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