10 Best Green Lantern ring constructs in comic book history

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The Green Lantern has used some fantastic ring constructs over the years, from the innovative to, well, a giant boxing glove. Powered by will and imagination, Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz, Kyle Rayner, and more have conjured up Green Lantern ring constructs that will dazzle, delight, and more often than not, leave you in awe. 

But which are the best Green Lantern ring constructs? We've spent all of the brightest days and blackest nights researching them so you'll know which issues to head straight to. So, here's Newsarama's look at the 10 Best Green Lantern ring constructs in comic book history.

10. Hal Jordan’s Gatling Gun

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When you're relaunching a whole universe with new #1s, it's important to make a strong first impression. So what did Hal Jordan do on the cover of the New 52's Justice League #1? Held a gatling gun in an unfortunate place. Still, that doesn't take away from the fact that said gatling gun is very handy when fighting crime. 

9. Ch'p's Rain of Acorns

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So, you have a chipmunk Green Lantern. And his name is Ch'p (sounds like Chip). There's only one thing you really can make him generate, and that's all those wonderful acorns.

This construct fits so well, it actually became his signature move for the VS card game. That's right, you can make Ch'p rain nuts on your friends' heads anytime you want.

8. Soranik Natu's Medical Equipment

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Soranik Natu, The former Green Lantern from Korugar - and leader of the Sinestro Corps - also happens to be an accomplished doctor.

In fact, the only reason she accepted her ring in the first place was to use it in a way she'd wind up doing many times again in the future, creating elaborate medical equipment to save a life.

7. John Stewart's Sniper Rifle

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Repositioned as a more military type by the Justice League animated series and redefined as a marine during the Geoff Johns era, John Stewart veered a bit more in his constructs from architecture to military technology.

The most frequent manifestation of this is John's sniper rifle, employed to great effect at the outset of the Sinestro Corps War.

Basically, don't mess with guys that use their imagination as a gun.

6. Alan Scott's Armor

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Debuting in the now-classic Kingdom Come by Mark Waid and Alex Ross, Alan Scott's armor initially provoked a lot of debate as to who was actually wearing it.

Once the teasers had passed and the identity of that Lantern was confirmed, the armor gradually seeped in stories featuring other versions of Alan Scott.

5. Kyle Rayner's Sun-Sized Solaris Safe

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During the climax of DC One Million, Solaris, the tyrant sun and immortal conqueror Vandal Savage put into motion their plan to kill the returning Superman Prime.

As all hell breaks loose, Kyle Rayner steps up to the plate and encases Solaris in a freakin' sun-sized safe, complete with combination lock. It's a moment that's outdone only by the subsequent revelation that J'onn swerved Savage and Solaris, tricking them into handing Superman not Kryptonite, but a GL ring of his own.


4. The Boxing Glove Classic

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Need to clock a bad guy? Boxing glove! Punch a missile out of the sky? Boxing glove! Clear out a room? Boxing glove! Knock down a wall? Boxing glove!

Granted, fans have kind of cocked an eyebrow on the lack of imagination involved in using this chestnut over and over, but you have to admit: simple and effective works.

3. Larfleeze's Orange Lantern Corps

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Larfleeze, the Orange Lantern of Avarice, may want everything, but he should be content with the knowledge that he makes great constructs.

Essentially recreations of his victims, Larfleeze's Corps sports some intricately detailed alien lifeforms. Some of them appear frequently and even show off some personality.

You have to admit: making a wall is one thing, but making functional copies of beings you offed a thousand years ago is pretty ballsy and cool.

2. Kyle Rayner Gives Major Force the Electric Chair

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It was one of the most controversial, and shocking moments in comic books. New Green Lantern Kyle Rayner returned home to find his girlfriend Alex dead and stuffed into a refrigerator, inadvertently creating the 'fridging' trope in the process. 

Grief-stricken Kyle caught up with her killer, government-sponsored super-psycho Major Force, and battle was joined. As Kyle got the upper hand, he subjected Force to will-powered electrocution in a recreation of a death row electric chair.

1. Hal Jordan Recreates Coast City

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In a heartbreaking and poignant moment, Hal Jordan visits the ruins of his former home of Coast City, destroyed during "Return of Superman." Struggling with his grief, Hal uses his power ring to momentarily recreate the city and its inhabitants.

Unfortunately, this act draws the attention of the Guardians, and they want to punish Hal for it.

This, of course, kicks off Emerald Twilight, resulting in the destruction of the Corps and Hal's fall from grace.

In the years since, it's all been overturned. However, the image of Hal's ersatz home city recreated in ghostly green remains a haunting one.