Secret footage of Star Wars Battlefront gets 'standing ovation' at GDC

Forget about the Year of the Goat - 2015 is setting up to be the year of the Wookie. With Star Wars making its return to the silver screen in December, the hype train for DICE’s reboot of multiplayer shooter Star Wars Battlefront is getting ready to punch into hyperspace.

Wanton hyperbole? Not likely. Just take the recent EA showcase at GDC, which featured a behind-closed-doors trailer for the upcoming arena battler that had attendees jumping out of their seats with excitement. A trailer featuring brand new footage, we might add.

EA COO Peter Moore even took to Twitter with glee at the positive reaction to DICE’s progress: “A GREAT show with my friends/partners @GameStop. Superb ovation for latest gameplay footage on @starwars Battlefront.” Rumours are running rife that said footage will be getting a public airing in the near future - if it doesn’t leak in the meantime, that is.

The positive reaction couldn’t have come at a better time. Following a delay that pushed it into 2015, a series of leaked documents uncovered last month suggested EA is planning to launch Battlefront with an aggressive focus on DLC. Of course, take such info with a pinch of salt until its confirmed, but with E3 only a few months away it won’t be long til we Leia eyes on it and a firm release date.