This beautiful game splatter art makes even Bulbasaur look cool

We can argue whether video games are art until the cows come home from the Diablo cow level, but you'd be hard pressed to deny that they've at least inspired some lovely artwork. Case in point, the work of Melissa Smith, whose splash paintings of iconic video game characters are equal parts gorgeous and nerdtastic.

Smith's splatter art features favorites from a wide variety of games, from Borderlands to Kingdom Hearts to Pokemon (lots and lots of Pokemon), alongside other geeky touchstones like superheroes and Adventure Time. The artist's style is both simple and visually striking, with each piece so beautifully done that even the cartooniest subjects look stunning.

The artist also uses of a variety of different online shops, like Redbubble and Society 6, so this lovely art can be bought on any surface you so desire without costing all that much. If you're light on cash, you can always drool over brand new pieces on Smith's deviantart page, or check out Facebook for deals and new design announcements. Regardless of how you enjoy them, these paintings are so striking that no one could mock you for hanging them in your home. Ffft, it's called art mom. You wouldn't understand!

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Ashley Reed

Former Associate Editor at GamesRadar, Ashley is now Lead Writer at Respawn working on Apex Legends. She's a lover of FPS titles, horror games, and stealth games. If you can see her, you're already dead.